Sample College Concert Planner

1-1/2 to 2 Months Prior to the Show

  • Arrange for and RESERVE venue and facilities needed for all available dates. The more dates you have (especially weekdays), the better your chances of securing an act. Venue must be available all day (6:00 am – 2:00 am) on the day/night of the show.
  • Call your regional Clear Channel College Entertainment representative to find out current touring Artist availability and fees.
  • Select Artists in order of preference. Always have back-up choices in case your initial bid is not accepted.
  • Have show and Artist fees approved, if needed, by school administration and secure any necessary permits that are applicable to the show date. At this point, with help from Clear Channel College Entertainment, you should determine if you can meet the Artist’s technical rider requirements (stage size, power needs, etc.).
  • Place an offer for the Artist with Clear Channel College Entertainment.

1 Month Prior to the Show

  • Confirm Artist’s appearance.
  • Organize printing and distribution of tickets to show.
  • Coordinate your promotional plan and advertising campaign – see if free advertising is a possibility on campus. Promo materials can be arranged by contacting the Artist’s record label or your Clear Channel College Entertainment representative.
  • Review, sign and return Artist’s contracts.
  • Organize staff for the day of the show (Production, Hospitality, Front of House, Security, Runners) and secure your required University Police and Fire Staff.
  • Arrange technical services (sound, stage, lights, etc.) in accordance with the Artist’s rider.
  • Crew shirts should be designed and ordered, if you plan on using them.

2 Weeks Prior to the Show

  • Get ticket counts. If necessary, update any advertising.
  • Hold organizational meeting with volunteers for Production, Runner, Hospitality, Front of House and Security Crews. Go over all details and time schedules. The Artist Rider and Production Advance Schedule should be followed as closely as possible to make the Artist feel at ease.

10 Days Prior to the Show

  • Venue and all technical requirements should be now secured. Any requirements for the support act should now be fulfilled.
  • Reconfirm show day schedule, including availability of locker rooms/dressing rooms, with facility.

3 Days Prior to the Show

  • Give the entire staff a written plan of when and where they should be throughout the day of the event.
  • Reconfirm with the Electrician, Building Staff, Security, etc.
  • Arrange to pick up checks for all those to be paid at the show.

Day of the Show

  • Coffee is essential all day!
  • Meet with volunteers and direct them to their appropriate assignments. Make sure the set-up is going smoothly and help to correct any problems that may come up.
  • Prepare Box Office for Will-Call, Ticket Agency and possible rush.
  • Make sure that all staff and security on duty are in their appointed positions. Meet with University Police and Fire representatives.
  • Enjoy the show!