Students in the entertainment management program are encouraged to find an internship with an entertainment management company. In return for a minimum of 90 hours of work over a minimum of two months, students can earn three credit hours toward their degree. As part of their internship experience, students are required to complete three assignments: a biweekly journal, a paper and a problem/solution project.

Where can I find internships?

Students have found internships in many companies, both locally and nationally. Feel free to check out our bibliography of companies that have provided internships to our students in the past as well as ideas for the project assignment for your internship experience.

Steps to register for the internship course:

  1. If you have any questions, read through the internship section of our frequently asked questions.
  2.  Download internship provider packet and deliver it to your internship supervisor if they would like to view it.
  3. Read "Internship Requirements Explained" 
  4. Complete the Career Services Work Report and Learning Plan Paperwork (aka Internship Submission Form). You should print and fill out a draft of the form before you submit the information electronically to ensure that you have all the information you need.
  5. Drop off your printed paperwork in Dr. Rothschild’s door bin for his approval in Glass Hall 412. Within 48 hours he will sign off on the paperwork.
  6. After Dr. Rothschild has reviewed your paperwork, he will send you an email notifying you to enroll for MGT 494 online. Then, you may pick up a signed copy of your paperwork from Dr. Rothschild 48 hours after you receive the "enroll" email.

Are you looking for an intern?

We have lots of students who are interested in finding an internship with your company. Click on the "Internship Announcement" like below and we will email it to our students.