Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me overview of the entertainment management program?

The entertainment management program is a comprehensive undergraduate major housed in the College of Business at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. The program began in the fall of 1997 with interest from a handful of students. After 10 years, there are currently 220 majors and dozens of alumni employed in entertainment and sports companies across the country.

How common is an entertainment management degree program? Are there other programs like it across the country?

Over the past 10 years there have been similar programs developed at other universities across the country. They are called targeted or niche programs. Our program is somewhat unique in that we provide a general degree in entertainment management and allow you to tailor it to your particular interest.

Other programs, like the Music Business Program at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee, and the Entertainment Studies Program at UCLA, in California, focus on one aspect of the entertainment industry, i.e. music or film respectively. As you can see, the program is often tailored to the type of entertainment in a particular region.

The benefit of our entertainment management degree is that you get a general exposure to all aspects of the entertainment industry and a strong business foundation. We feel this gives you more opportunities. For example, the person who graduates with an entertainment management degree could be quite successful in the area of artist management, but they could also transfer their knowledge and skill into the area of event management, venue management or even sports management.

Tell me about the Entertainment Management Association.

The Entertainment Management Association (EMA) was formed in the year 2000. It is a student led organization that provides opportunities for involvement, education and networking; plus students have a great time being together. You can join this association whether you are an EM major or not, and at any time in your college career. The sooner you join EMA, the sooner you have opportunities for networking with industry professionals and enjoying friendships with students with similar interests.

Can you clarify what happens in the Business Advisement Center and what role you serve as Director of the Entertainment Management Program?

The Business Advisement Center located on the bottom floor of Glass Hall, will provide you with a “program of study.” This basically means they will provide you with a step-by-step map to make sure you take all the right courses, in the right order, and on a certain time schedule. They’ll answer any questions about prerequisites you may need for a course and, if necessary, discuss what courses will transfer in and which ones won’t.

Also, the Business Advisement Center is where you declare your major.

When you have questions about your EM electives, your career or your internship, contact Dr. Philip Rothschild for an appointment.

Tell me a little more about yourself, Dr. Rothschild, and your experiences?

Check out Dr. Rothschild’s resume.

What kinds of students major in EM?

The common thread among all students majoring in entertainment management is their love to be around the entertainment business. There are some students who were once performers and no longer want to be on stage. Some have a love for sports and want to work in marketing or management of a professional or collegiate level sports team. Others want to put their organization and coordination skills to work and organize major events for venues and entertainment management companies. This is the focus of our program, to prepare students for the business side of entertainment.

What if I know I want to be in the entertainment field, but I don’t know exactly what area of entertainment I want to go into?

You’ll have an opportunity in your very first class, MGT 310 (Introduction to Entertainment Management), to be exposed to several different areas of entertainment management. You’ll discover career options you like, and even career options you don’t like. After taking MGT 310, your eyes will be opened to a variety of new career opportunities you never considered.