Internship Assignments

Email journals

The email journal should be a one-page explanation of what the intern did, learned and observed during the last one or two week period. It’s important the journal entries not only describe what you did over the last week (or two), but more importantly, it should explain what you observed or learned. It should answer the questions: what did you notice “worked” well or “didn’t work well;" or, what did you notice about human behavior (supervisor-employee relationship; company-client relationship), consumer behavior (what do customers prefer, etc) or business processes?

These tips should help you in completing this assignment:

  • Journals should be sent in the body of the email, not as an attachment
  • Subject line should read “Journal #__– first last name” (Ex:  Subject: Journal #1 – Matt Smith)
  • Journals should be one page long, single spaced. At the top of the email type these subheads and responses to each:
    • Name:
    • Company name:
    • Supervisor name AND email address:
    • Dates you worked and number of hours you worked:
    • Running total of hours worked so far:
  • The best way to organize your email journal is to use two subheads: “What I Did” and “What I Learned”
  • Important: If the intern has a question for Dr. Rothschild, send a separate email with the subject line “Question.”

When is it due?

Your first journal entry is due one week after the start of your internship and the last journal entry is due on the Monday of the last week of your internship. Choose a day of the week – usually Monday – and send the remaining journal entries every week or two weeks on that particular day for a minimum of eight journals. Each journal should cover the period of time after your last journal.

Whether or not you submit bi-weekly or weekly email journals will be determined by the length of your internship.  Longer internships will require a student to submit journals every two weeks, where as shorter email journals will require weekly journals.  The important thing to remember about email journals is to spread them out over the period of time of your internship. Do not write more than one journal per week and do not front load or back load your journal entries. We are wanting you to reflect on your learning over time.

Lessons Learned Paper

The Lessons Learned Paper will be based on your email journals and other experiences you had during the internship.  Imagine that a potential employer is interviewing you and they asked you the question, “What did you gain from your experience at this internship?”   The paper should be 7-10 pages of content (not including title page and table of contents) and include the following:

  • Title Page (using our title page creator)
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction: Where did you work, what did you do?
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes learned
  • Pros and cons of internship
  • Recommendations to the company to create a better internship experience
  • Page numbers starting AFTER the Table of Contents.

Email the completed copy as an attachment with the subject line: “Lessons Learned – [First Name, Last Name]”

When is it due?

The Lessons Learned Paper is due the Monday of the last week of your internship by midnight.  You do NOT need to submit a hard copy of this assignment to me.

Internship Research Project

A more complete description of this assignment is found at the "Internship" course materials found on Blackboard - use it as your final guide.

For the Internship Project, interns will be solving an organizational problem for the internship provider.  First, the intern should question his or her supervisor about problems that need resolving.  Examples of problems could be that a company needs an internship orientation manual, a customer survey report, or a proposal for how to improve sales. Once the problem is identified, interns should investigate other companies who have solved the problem and use the best solution as a model.  Interns should then use the research to solve the problem. The project should be 10-13 pages of content (not including Title Page and Table of Contents), PLUS a references page, and 'deliverable" in the appendix.  Follow the guidelines below:

  • Title Page (using our title page creator)
  • Table of Contents
  • Part 1: Identify the Problem
  • Part 2: What is the Ideal Situation?
  • Part 3: Solution Process
  • Part 4: Sources Used (at least 7 are required)
  • Part 5: Appendix (includes a deliverable -- the solution you came up with)
  • Page numbers at bottom center

In all cases, there will be a "deliverable" found in the appendix. 

If you cannot implement the solution due to time constraints or other reasons, you may give a detailed recommendation on what the company needs to do to solve the problem. In that case, the solution comes in the form of a proposal for your internship provider to implement later if they so choose.

When is it due?

This project is due no later than the Monday two weeks before the last week of the internship at midnight. Early projects are welcome. Turn a hard copy of the project, postmarked by the due date, or delivered to Dr. Rothschild in Glass Hall 412.