Hiring Interns FAQ

We don’t have a formal internship program in our organization; can we still get an intern?

Yes. While some organizations have formal internship programs – an application procedure, etc. – most do not. If you can provide interns with an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes, we’ll develop learning activities that will ensure the academic requirements are met.  You can even view them as temporary employees or volunteers; we’ll do the rest.

Do I have to pay interns?

Some internships are paid, others are not. Other things being equal, students will choose an internship that is paid.

When are the best times to find interns?

Students typically register for an “internship course” at the beginning of each semester – August, January, May-June. However, if a need arises, contact us, and we’ll get the word out – students can register late for internships.

How much additional time will supervising an intern require of me?

It all depends. It might require an additional few hours in the first week to orient them. Each week following would require about 1-2 hours over lunch, debriefing after a meeting, etc.

How many hours do the interns need to work?

For students that are getting three academic credits for the internship (most common), a minimum of 90 hours over at least 8 weeks is required. A minimum of 10 hours per week is recommended

Where can I announce an opportunity? Or where can I find students?

There are several points of contact. Send a one-paragraph description with complete contact information to the Director of the Entertainment Management program at Missouri State, in care of Dr. Rothschild at philrothschild@missouristate.edu. He will distribute to more that 230 Entertainment Management majors. If your organization is a non-profit, you may ALSO let the office of Citizenship and Service Learning (417-836-5774) know about your opportunity and become a regular “partner organization.”  This is a great opportunity to find temporary event staff.

What if I get a real “dud” for an intern?

First, minimize your chances of getting a “dud” by doing a few things prior to selection:

  1. Delineate in a spreadsheet the specific task and activities you (and your associates if applicable) do on a regular basis. In another column, delineate tasks the intern can do. Include project based tasks like doing a benchmark analysis using the web for research, developing an orientation manual for future interns, creating job aids for infrequent tasks, taking detailed notes in all meetings, conducting a survey for constituents, etc.
  2. Assess written communication skills by having them take a grammar and punctuation assessment prior to hiring.
  3. Clarify expectations, ask for re-statement expectations in writing (maybe as part of a journal entry) and provide benchmark samples of what you are looking for.
  4. Caution during orientation, warn and clarify after failure, remove after repeated failure.

I could really use volunteers for some of the events we produce. Are there options?

Yes. In addition to the for-credit options above (i.e. internship credit and service learning credit), the students from the Entertainment Management Association can help. EMA will let more than 250 students know about your opportunity. If the event is regarded worthwhile because of “mission” or “money,” you’ll get some great help. Contact EMA by sending a one-paragraph description of your opportunity to philrothschild@missouristate.edu

Can you summarize whom I should contact? And can I inform more than one contact of the opportunity.

Yes, please do submit to more than one contact – as a courtesy, cc it to each of them.

For 90 hour Internship credit:
Dr. Philip Rothschild, philrothschild@missouristate.edu, office: 417-836-5082

For 40 hour Service Learning credit and Event Staff for non-profit organizations:
Citizenship and Service Learning Office: 417-836-5774

For temporary event staff through the Entertainment Management Association:
Dr. Philip Rothschild, philrothschild@missouristate.edu, office: 417-836-5082

To expose your internship opportunity to the entire campus, instead of entertainment management students only:
Mr. Jack Hunter, Career Services, jmh516t@missouristate.edu, office: 417-836-5636