Internship Registration Steps

  1. Read the frequently asked questions about internships.
  2. Read about the internship assignments.
  3. Complete the Initial Work Report and Learning Plan Paperwork, a.k.a. internship paperwork.
    1. To prepare, you should print a blank copy of the form to create a draft to ensure you have all the information needed.
    2. Then, go back to the online form and fill out the fields. At the bottom of the form select submit. You should receive an email with an attached PDF of your completed paperwork.
  4. Download the Internship Provider Packet.
    1. Deliver the packet to your internship supervisor for review.
    2. Refer your internship supervisor to Dr. Rothschild, if they have any questions.
  5. Dr. Rothschild will also receive a PDF copy of your completed internship paperwork for review. If approved, you will receive an "Enroll Now" email instructing you to register for the course (MGT 494).

Note: You will not be able to enroll until Dr. Rothschild gives you permission through the Banner system.

Tips for success

  • Review frequently asked questions about internships. This should answer questions about how to find an internship, how many hours are necessary, and which type of internship you need.
  • Download the internship provider packet (.pdf) and deliver it to your internship supervisor. This packet will provide answers to any questions they may have. After reading the packet, if your internship supervisor still has questions, ask them to contact Dr. Rothschild, or call 417-836-5082.