Internship Registration Steps

There are five steps to getting registered for the internship course, MGT 494:

  1. Orientate yourself to the EM Internship Program by reading some Frequently Asked Questions. This link will answer questions about how to find an internship, how many hours are necessary, and what assignments are required.
  2. Be sure to print the Internship Provider Packet and deliver it to your internship supervisor. This packet will provide answers to any questions they may have. After reading the packet, if your internship supervisor still has questions, ask them to contact Dr. Rothschild, or 417-836-5082.
  3. Complete the Career Services Work Report and Learning Plan Paperwork. To prepare, you should print out a blank copy of the form to create a draft to make sure you have all the information needed. Then go back to the online form and fill out the fields. At the bottom of the form press submit and then print the "paperwork" created after you press submit your form. Print and read the EM Internship Assignments Explained . Use this information to fill out the remaining blanks on the paperwork by hand. You will have to handwrite your due dates, m#, and sign the form.
  4. Now, drop off your printed paperwork in Dr. Rothschild's Door Bin for his approval (Glass 412). Within 48 hours he will sign off on the paperwork, and slip it under his door. Dr. Rothschild is happy to meet with you if you have questions about any part of the process. It is not unusual, however, for students to follow these steps without meeting with Dr. Rothschild.
  5. Dr. Rothschild will review your paperwork and send you an email notifying you to enroll for MGT494 online. (You will not be able to enroll until Dr. Rothschild gives you permission through the Banner system).
  6. Pickup a signed copy of your paperwork from Dr. Rothschild's door bin after you enroll.