Degree Requirements/Course FAQ

Are there graduate programs in entertainment management?

There are currently no EM graduate programs at Missouri State; however, there are opportunities to further your education in the entertainment field. For example, it is not uncommon for students to get law degrees and specialize in the entertainment industry. There are also a few certificates and graduate programs across America.

How do I register for COM 439 when it looks like I don’t have the communication pre-requisites?

After you have registered for the course, the communication department asks you to bring your degree audit checklist, found at My Missouri State, to Craig Hall 375 to verify that COM 439 is an elective for the EM Major - because it is an elective they allow you to take this course without the stated pre-requisites.

If a section of MGT 310 or MGT 410 is full, can I get added to the class?

We will only add more seats to a section if the other section is full. Because of the nature of our assignments, our program works more efficiently if there is a balance of students between two sections. If the section you want is full, your best bet is to register for the other section, put your name on a waiting list and watch the status of the class over the course of the current semester to see if anyone has dropped the section you need. If spots open up, you can then register for the section you prefer.