Entertainment Management Undergraduate Program

Why study entertainment management at Missouri State?

  • You will build connections with other students and Missouri State alumni through the Entertainment Management Association. These connections will help you learn more about the entertainment industry, achieve better grades in class and open doors to exciting job opportunities.
  • Students in our department are required to complete an internship, which will give you valuable hands-on experience. Your internship might also lead to job offers within that company.
  • Our program includes a broad range of real-world learning opportunities. With this experience, you will know how to put on a “wow” experience for an audience at any event, including live concerts and sporting events, large-scale fundraisers and more.
  • A degree in entertainment management teaches you the basics of business, allowing you to pursue other opportunities outside of the entertainment industry.

Degree options

Careers and Outcomes

A degree in entertainment management prepares you for careers in entertainment, sports, public relations and more.